Please Join Russell Pearce March 19

Please join Russell Pearce on March 19th at 7PM at the Red Mountain Tea Party at 74th Street and Apache Trail in Mesa (North side at the Charter School ). He will be joined by many elected officials, including Sheriff Joe, Senators and Representatives, Congressional and legislative candidates, Arizona Republican Latinos, Tea Party Leaders, Tea Party Patriots and other Conservative leaders in our state.

As former Senator Pearce has stated, "There is a lot of heavy lifting to do and strong conservative leadership is a must. As I make this very tough decision to run or not to run for the Senate, I am reminded of my duty to the freedoms we have been blessed with in this God given Republic. My first priority is to make sure we have a strong Constitutional Conservative Caucus and work well together.

"As it goes, family can have disagreements, I hope as we do, we deal with them in a manner that keeps us close and united in our efforts to improve the quality of life for our families, taxpayers, businesses, protect our God given rights and our Constitutional liberties. I am saddened by those who have invaded our state to go after Patriots doing their Constitutional duty and I am saddened by those who have joined them in this destructive behavior. I intend to stay in this fight for Constitutional liberties, families and a secure America . How, I intend to be involved will be announced Monday, March 19th."

Gilbert Watch readers, you can expect Randy Parraz, leftist community agitator and his cult followers to be there too. So, please join Senator Pearce, and Stand Up for our Republic!