Politics Unplugged: John Kavanagh calls out Jeff Schwartz in LD23 for his Liberal Positions

Gilbert Watch strongly supports John Kavanagh (LD23) in this senate race.  He has consistently recieved high scores from Americans for Prosperity-AZ and Goldwater Institute.  See Americans for Prosperity Legislative Scorecard 2013: AZAmericans for Prosperity Legislative Scorecard 2014: AZ2013 Legislative Report Card for Arizona’s Fifty-First Legislature, First Regular Session.

In this video, Jeff Schwartz tries to spin his own liberal positions, but Kavanagh nails down Schwartz’s true identity.  You can’t "spin" your votes in the Senate.  You are either FOR or AGAINST every piece of legislation.  The Truth about Schwartz is that he is Pro More Spending, Pro Choice, Pro Medicaid Expansion, Pro Common Core… Just because a candidate is a "successful businessman" doesn’t mean he’s for free markets.  It could mean he wants to tap into the river of money confiscated from the taxpayer.     

Click HERE to watch the video.