PUSH BACK! Maricopa County Board of Supervisors 01/11/2012 Meeting!

For those of you who did not hear about it on the news, there were about 100 Arizona Tea Party members who attended the Monday, January 9, meeting at the Arizona Capitol. Radical leftist Randy Parraz attended with only 17 of his band of Open Borders crowd, handing out resolutions to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The news reported on Parraz’s group of “activists.” Nothing has been reported so far about the 100 Tea Party members who were there to support the Conservative Legislature.

It’s time that ALL Conservatives in Arizona PUSH BACK against the radical leftist groups headed by Randy Parraz that have been agitating against SB1070, Russell Pearce, Governor Jan Brewer, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Parraz has hit Arizona like a Radical Leftist hired gun whose orders from Obama are to engage in a rapid fire attack intended to “wear down those Arizona Conservative extremists who believe in individual liberties and the rule of law”!

Parraz & Company will be attending tomorrow’s Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting. Please attend this meeting, January 11, 9 am to 11 am., 205 W Jefferson (Supervisors’ Auditorium). http://www.maricopa.gov/bos/.

PUSH BACK against the politically motivated attacks on Sheriff Arpaio.

Every Arizona voter needs to know that those who are investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio are from the most racially-biased, pro-illegal, lawless Department of “Justice” that America has ever seen. Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general, head of the Civil Rights Division, and Loretta King, an attorney who works with Perez, were instrumental in getting the case dismissed against the New Black Panthers on voter intimidation charges at a Philadelphia polling place.

Here is King Samir Shabazz, one of the defendants.

So, who is Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez? The dossier on him is long and creepy, but here are a couple of tidbits. “Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez is a long-time advocate for illegal aliens who served as president of Casa de Maryland, a radical open borders advocacy organization that encourages illegal aliens not to speak with the police and urges local governments not to enforce federal fugitive warrants against them. He also fought to mandate that Mexican identification be recognized as valid photo ID in the United States, even though the documents are so rife with fraud that twenty-two of Mexico’s thirty-two states and districts refuse to recognize the documents.” ("INJUSTICE: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department” by J. Christian Adams).

One of the people who testified that he was intimidated by King Samir Shabazz of the New Black Panthers was none other than Bartle Bull. Mr. Bull is a veteran civil rights activist and attorney with a long history of working with Democratic candidates, including Charles Evers, Robert Kennedy, and Jimmy Carter. He made an exception when it came to Barack Obama, however, and supported John McCain.

If you believe that the Department of Justice will lawfully oversee the 2012 presidential election, you need to watch this video, and listen to every word Bartle Bull has to say.

The Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of "Justice" is populated with lawyers whose
main career experience has been in subverting voting laws.