Queen Creek: A Case Study in Slash and Burn

Here’s the difference between Gilbert and Queen Creek: Gilbert possesses a politically active, determined, hard-working, Constitutional conservative citizenry that found ways to cut spending without resorting to slash and burn budget cutting measures. Thus, no lay-offs of public safety employees and no salary cuts.

Instrumental in the above were members of the Citizens Budget Committee, specificially Jeff Niland, Jared Taylor, Eddie Cook, and Victor Petersen.

Queen Creek, smart enough to recognize an economy in a near-terminal recession, nevertheless did the following to address its $4.7 million shortfall: 1) Eliminated 42 full- and part-time jobs and 6 vacant positions; 2) continued reduced work weeks for hourly employees; 3) continued its 6.25% pay decrease for salaried staff that began in 2008-2009; 4) cut the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office beats from five to four; and 5) reduced maintenance on parks and trails.

At least Queen Creek, unlike Phoenix (which raised food taxes and then gave City employees a $30 million pay increase), hasn’t lost its survival instinct. Is there a TEA Party in Phoenix?