RECALL: Latest Tool of the Left to Take out Conservatives

“Effort to Recall Wisconsin Governor to begin Next Month.”

Sound familiar? Recalls have become the newest best friend of Leftists who want to rid themselves of their opposition. In Wisconsin, Democrats initiated 9 Recalls last summer. They’re at it again. This time Wisconsin Democratic Chairman Mike Tate wants to punish Governor Scott Brown for his proposal that took away collective bargaining rights of public employees. Recall Against Gov. Scott Brown (R)

The Recall method of avoiding regular elections was used by Leftist Randy Parraz, “community organizer” to annihilate Sen. Russell Pearce.

Why a Recall? Democrats have a better chance of getting weak Republicans into office who will buckle under their liberal persuasion.

In the November 8 Recall election against Sen. Russell Pearce, both Democrats and liberal Republicans will be voting against him.

It’s legal. Is it moral?

Robert R Livingston, one of the five drafters of the Declaration of Independence, had this to say about Recalls:

"… It would open so wide a door for faction and intrigue, and afford such scope for the arts of an evil ambition. A man might go to the Senate with an incorruptible integrity, and the strongest attachment to the interest of his state. But if he deviated, in the least degree, from the line which a prevailing party in a popular assembly had marked for him, he would be immediately recalled. Under these circumstances, how easy would it be for an ambitious, factious demagogue to misrepresent him, to distort the features of his character, and give a false color to his conduct! How easy for such a man to impose upon the public, and influence them to recall and disgrace their faithful delegate!”

(Jonathan Elliot, The Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, 2:291-292, 296.)