Rep. Steve Montenegro: Passing Citizenship Test Should be Required for High School Graduation

"Arizona high school students might soon have to pass the same 100-question U.S. Citizenship Civics Test administered to immigrants under a new proposal by State Rep. Steve Montenegro, R-Litchfield.

"Rep. Montenegro is currently crafting the legislation that will be addressed in the legislature during the next session, starting in January. Under the proposed legislation, students would be allowed to take the test any time during their high-school careers and as many times as necessary to pass. By using this existing and well-established test and its study materials that are already available for freeonline, the cost would be minimal.

"Montenegro said more than 96 percent of a sample group of high school students in Arizona and Oklahoma given the test failed to get a passing grade."

A 25-question practice test is available to citizens for a study tool. Click here to take the test.

Please click HERE to read the entire article.

For those willing to help ensure that the Civics Education Initiative passes in Arizona, contact your legislator and urge them to support this critical state legislation.  Click HERE to find your Arizona legislators.  Keep in mind that we won’t know who they are until after the General Election Nov. 4, 2014, and after they have all taken office in January 2015.  

For those who don’t know Rep. Steve Montenegro, he is one of our most eloquent Arizona legislators. Please click HERE to see the video of his remarks when he opposed the Medicaid expansion vote of 2013.