“Republican” Leadership in Arizona Hangs Senator Frank Antenori Out to Dry

Gilbert Watch recently reported on how Arizona Republican leaders in the State Legislature are betraying Conservatives.  At the end of that article was a Press Release from Stephen Kohut, Chairman of the Pinal County Republican Committee, taking the unprecedented action of recommending a change in leadership:  Steve Smith for Speaker of the House, and Andy Biggs for Senate President.

Now, here’s an article that provides just one example of the intentional misuse of the Republican Victory Fund. 

Senator Frank Antenori in LD10, a strong Conservative, is fighting against Democrat David Bradley.  As of the last count, nearly $150,000 in outside money has come to the aid Bradley. 

This is a perfect opportunity for the Republican Victory Fund to come to Antenori’s rescue to fend off a liberal Democrat.  What have they given to Antenori?

NOTHING.  They are standing by doing nothing, letting the Democrats do their dirty work for them.   

This story continues to unfold with more investigation on where the Victory Fund scam money is being spent by S.H.I.E.L.D.  Stay tuned.


Outside groups have poured $147,388 into the state Senate race in Tucson’s Legislative District 10, trying to oust incumbent Sen. Frank Antenori, a Republican.