Response to Bob Worsley’s Inaccurate Statements about ALRA

Here is the official statement from ALRA president, Reymundo Jiménez Torres


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August 6, 2012 CONTACT: Jose Borrajero

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Response to Bob Worsley’s inaccurate comments about ALRA

Whether he did so intentionally or simply spoke out of ignorance of the prevalence of politically conservative

Latinos, Bob Worsley made a serious miscalculation. He has mischaracterized the Arizona Latino Republican

Association (ALRA) as having been formed for the sole purpose of endorsing Russell Pearce. He likened the decade

old conservative grass roots efforts of ALRA together with another unrelated organization. He insulted all of

Arizona’s conservative Latinos by suggesting that no Latinos would legitimately endorse Russell Pearce. ALRA will

not be drawn into interpreting the motivations behind Worsley’s messaging regarding any other organizations.

However, the offensive comments he made this morning on KFYI merit a response that will set the record straight

about ALRA.

Here are some facts that accurately describe the history, purpose and success that is the Arizona Latino Republican


? ALRA has been in existence for over 10 years as the only voice of Arizona’s conservative Latinos

? We are the only statewide Latino organization capable of articulately communicating with

voters and media in both in English and Spanish

? Our membership includes Republican Precinct Committeemen, Tea Party Patriots and a number

of elected Republican officials

? 14% (4 out of 29) of the Arizona delegates that will be seated at the 2012 Republican National

Convention are current ALRA members

? ALRA has achieved unprecedented growth and established a chapter of conservative Latinos in

the City of Tucson. We are also currently in the process of expanding to other cities and states


? Most importantly, ALRA endorsed Russell Pearce for Senate in LD 25 because he is the only

candidate who consistently advocates the rule of law and who also enjoys a proven record of

conservative leadership

It is unfortunate that Mr. Worsley either failed to investigate these facts for himself or purposely ignored them

before he maligned our efforts as well as the significance of Arizona’s conservative Latinos. It is also unfortunate

that Barry Markson/KFYI did not challenge or even question any of those offensive suppositions. Any inquiries

regarding the nature, mission and significance of ALRA can easily be answered by going to our website- We invite both Mr. Worsley and KFYI to do their homework and review our website before making

any more inaccurate or offensive statements regarding ALRA or the conservative Latinos we represent.

Reymundo Jiménez Torres


Arizona Latino Republican Association