“Russell and Joe” by Don Sorchych

"My View" published in www.SonoranNews.com on March 28, 2012.

Arizona deserves better than the Arizona Republic (AR), and all states deserve media that isn’t bought and paid for by leftist causes. Arizona is fortunate to have two outstanding conservatives, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and ex-senate President Russell Pearce. They are both slammed almost daily by the AR and local TV stations. There is some relief on AM radio stations, which broadcast a number of conservative hosts, including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on KFYI 550 AM. KFNX AM 1100 hosts Michael Savage, Laura Ingram, Neil Boortz, Lou Dobbs and Dr. Laura. All of these talk radio hosts are to one degree or another, conservative, and a breath of fresh air.

On March 21, the Valley and State section of AR printed a front page story titled, “Students rally vs. Arpaio.” That is news? AR follows these illegal miscreants as they protest wherever Joe goes. As he says, the AR reports when he goes to the toilet so why aren’t they reporting about his serious investigations into Barack Hussein Obama, the probable fraud, probable Muslim and definite socialist?

The sub headline reads, “6 taken into custody as youths criticize immigration policies.” And why would illegal aliens criticize Arpaio? Duh, because he arrests and turns them over to ICE, when the federal guvmit stays out of his way. The headline should read, “Illegal aliens protesting being arrested and deported.” Of course when AR isn’t using “students” they use “migrants” to describe the illegals that slither across our sovereign border. They are not migrants they are criminals.

And, by the way, even though six were arrested they weren’t deported as law requires.
On the same front page, which launches liberal opinionists E.J Montini or Laurie Roberts, Anna Marsolo’s buddy, Roberts wrote, “Contender says he’ll play over Pearce’s one-note song.”


In a disgusting charade of quotes attributed to Bob Worsley, Pearce’s new opponent, Roberts sneeringly attempts to bury Pearce. She and Worsley overplay the single note fantasy, which is a stupid lie.

Pearce is a conservative patriot who is hardly a one-note senator. He was a deputy chief of the sheriff’s office and is missing a finger from a bad guy’s bullet. While authoring SB 1070, he was president of the senate, which balanced the state budget. I know he agreed during the last session to begin eliminating and simplifying state statutes.

Pearce recognized for years that illegal immigration was killing the state and had the cojones and leadership ability to stand up and do something about it. He was recalled by a coalition of democrats, illegals and fraud. Many states have adopted SB 1070 type of legislation while the federal government is hysterically harassing Arizona and states that have emulated us.

Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security just reported over 200,000 illegal aliens have left the state. That evacuation was due to SB 1070 and relentless law enforcement by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his organization.

In the March 22 AR issue there was an unsigned editorial, probably by the way left editorial board, titled: “A firebrand resurfaces.” Then, “Pearce may see uphill battle.”

The essence of the editorial is to discredit Pearce by a thousand cuts. And they will continue to ignore any negatives about his opponent and exaggerate anything negative about Pearce. Tell me they and their nationwide ilk haven’t protected Obama.

The powers that be in the AR must have never read history. Pearce is the current equivalent of our founding fathers – brave, courageous, fearless, patriotic, conservative and religious with deep caring about this country. On the other hand, compulsively left wing democrats would flood the country with illegal aliens, drug smugglers and kidnappers. I wonder how often the White House calls them to give them daily instructions.

Bur AR doesn’t stop there. Every issue has a condemnation of Sheriff Arpaio. Just yesterday, my daughter Dawn in Florida told me customers that come to her retail establishment and see her posted, autographed picture of Joe Arpaio always say, “I wish he was here!”

We hear the same thing from all over the country.

He is the only law enforcement official who would agree to investigate Barack Hussein Obama and his Cold Case Posse has uncovered fraud and much more. And, of course, because of this and continued enforcement of all phases of illegal immigration, the federal government has thrown their considerable resources at him.

In the same issue we are treated with Montini’s grating leftist innuendo. He writes off Arpaio’s investigation of Obama as a publicity stunt and further claims the investigation of Obama’s birth and selective service records has been debunked. By whom may I ask? Neither left nor right media have the bravery to do that and they haven’t. We have, repeatedly, but we are not considered national media.

The simplest of questions the media should ask is why Obama has spent an estimated $2 million to hide his past. They won’t; the left media is protecting Obama and the right media doesn’t have the bravery to go viral with the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on America.

Support these two gentlemen in every way you can. Donate or volunteer to help them be elected again.

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