Russell Pearce and SB1070 Good for Arizona! Part 2

Question: Was Russell Pearce’s proposal and passage of SB1070 detrimental to the state’s reputation and economy?

If you answered "yes," you have been fooled by the constant drumbeat of the Far Left and its mainstream media allies.

The Truth is that Sen. Russell Pearce and SB1070 have been good for Arizona’s reputation and our economy.

Look at the evidence:

While left-wing activist, Randy Parraz, supported and marched in protests calling for a boycott of our state sponsored by the UFCW (who donated to Parraz’s Senate Campaign) MEChA Puente AZ, Alto Arizona, NDLON LiUNA, La Raza, SEIU, AFL-CIO, the result did not have the desired effect.

For every organization that boycotted the state, there were many more that encouraged a BUYcott.
Nov 19, 2010 Arizona Boycott Impact Limited
"But the state’s economy hasn’t come to a screeching halt — as some who organized the boycott hoped. In fact, more people went to the Grand Canyon this summer than last year, and more stayed in Arizona’s hotels and resorts, according to a review by the Associated Press. Many conventions decided not to move, despite questions from members."
June 18, 2010 Arizona Boycotts Backfiring
"The calls for a boycott of the Grand Canyon State over the passage of a stringent illegal immigration enforcement law may be backfiring on the groups opposed to Arizona’s actions. Like the outrageous and intentional misinterpretations of the law, SB 1070, the boycott is all hype and no substance. The boycott has impacted some businesses here negatively, but supporters of the law are flocking to Arizona to counter the financial impact. “There are no negative effects I can quantify,” said Tony Venuti, publisher of AZ Tourist News and webmaster of a pro-Arizona business site. “There have been cancelations caused by the boycotts, but for every cancellation, four or five (reservations) are coming in.” Tourism has not dropped by the amount hoped for by boycotters like Rep. Raul Grijalva (D.-Ariz.). "We don’t know how many people won’t come here because they saw CNN or whatever and decided not to come to Arizona. That would be almost impossible to measure," said Felipe Garcia, vice president of community affairs and Mexico marketing with Tucson’s visitor’s bureau. "We’re seeing other groups very interested, they are showing stronger support to come here. That boycott didn’t work very well,"
July 28, 2010 Arizona Boycott Hasn’t Had Much Of An Impact
"Despite the threat of widespread travel boycotts tied to the state’s strict new immigration law, early results for hotels and resorts in metropolitan Phoenix show little evidence of any short-term impact. Hotel occupancy was up 6.5 percent in May and 10.6 percent in June from a year earlier, outpacing national gains, according to Smith Travel Research. Average room rates were flat on an above-average increase in rooms. Revenue per available room, the most closely watched measure, rose 6.2 percent and 11 percent in May and June, respectively."
May 21, 2010 Arizona Boycott Efforts May Hurt Hispanics Most
"In a strange twist of ironic fate, the quick, rash decision by many people, organizations and cities to boycott Arizona businesses after passage of the state’s controversial immigration bill may end up hurting Hispanics the most. Hispanic workers make up a fairly large percentage of the hospitality and service workforces in the state of Arizona – 30 and 40 percent, respectively, which includes hotels, traveling services and restaurants – all businesses that are directly affected by a boycott of the state."
July 15, 2011 Arizona Tourism Outlook Up
"Arizona attracted 1.6 million more visitors in 2010 than in 2009, for 36.9 million overnight visitors. In 2010, tourism spending increased 4.5 percent, to $17.7 billion. That translated to $2.5 billion in local, state and federal tax revenue."
July 18, 2011 Arizona Office Of Tourism Releases 2010 Tourism Industry Statistics
"Visitor spending directly generated $17.7 billion dollars, which is approximately $48 million dollars being contributed to Arizona’s economy every single day. Additionally, direct traveler spending generated: More than 152,200 industry-related jobs, combined with secondary employment that is generated through this direct traveler spending, total job generation for Arizona equals nearly 300,000, $4.9 billion dollars in earnings, and $2.5 billion dollars in local, state and federal tax revenues, which is equivalent to more than $1,040 dollars for every Arizona household."

COMPARE TO July 2010:
"The Arizona Office of Tourism has announced that 35.3 million domestic and international overnight travelers visited Arizona in 2009, spending $16.6 billion throughout the Grand Canyon State. Additionally, spending by travelers in 2009 directly generated: $2.4 billion in local, state and federal tax revenues which equates to $1,008 per Arizona household and 157,000 travel industry-related jobs. In addition, the secondary employment combined with the direct employment reveals that the travel and tourism industry impacted more than 290,000 jobs in 2009. This represents more than 10% of all jobs within Arizona."
June 1, 2011 Phoenix Convention Center facing strong summer despite impact of SB 1070, economy.
The Arizona Restaurant Association says business was better than expected in 2010 — up more than $80 million over the previous year.

On support of SB1070:
Poll: Support for Arizona Immigration Law Hits 57 Percent (another 17% think it doesn’t go far enough!)
Dec 28 2010
Many states look to Arizona’s SB 1070 as a model for new immigration legislation.
"25 states to consider SB 1070-like policies in upcoming legislative sessions"
Legal Immigrants Take a Stand on SB 1070
July 10, 2010 Americans showing their support for SB1070 with their wallets.
"Between Tuesday and Thursday, $330,000 in donations poured into the legal defense fund set up by Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ), to help defend her state against the lawsuits being filed, not only by the federal government, but by illegal immigration advocacy groups as well."
81% of Arizona voters support SB1070-New Poll reveals over 50% of SB1070 supporters are Democrats.