Russell Pearce and Several Hundred of his Closest Friends: at Red Mountain Tea Party

The setting was Monday night, March 19, held by the Red Mountain Tea Party at the East Valley Mesa High School. Its leader is Randy Hatch. The auditorium normally holds 500 people and the meeting was to begin at 7 pm. By 6:45 all the seats were taken, and people were standing at the sides and back of the room. About 200 people were turned away due to fire code.

Randy Hatch made an announcement: “If you are here to protest, leave now.”

Randy Parraz’s usual tantrum-throwing antics that seem to play so well for him down at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meetings weren’t going to cut it with this crowd. A few of his minions slinked in and remained throughout.

The media will come to their aid later, I’m sure.

Courtney Snell, leader of the Mountain View Tea Party, gave the Invocation. We Pledged our Allegiance to the Flag. The National Anthem was sung by Daryl Colvin (God-given talent). We applauded our Veterans. Randy Hatch named the 20th Century as the most repressive and rattled off those acts of repression imposed by the federal government: The Federal Reserve, the 16th Amendment, 17th Amendment, New Deal, Great Society, Roe v Wade.

We let this happen by doing nothing.

Randy called out the names of the public officials present in the audience in support of Russell Pearce. It was very nearly a quorum of the Arizona Legislature.

Several persons were invited to speak, and each one spoke with the highest regard for Russell Pearce, his unwavering integrity, strength and leadership; his commitment to the US and Arizona Constitutions; and legislation designed to protect the liberties of law-abiding citizens.

Among the many was Haydee Dawson, who proudly introduced herself as a “legal” immigrant. She is also with the Arizona Latino Republican Association. This group supports legal immigration and the rule of law. Here is a link to the ALRA website. Haydee was also recently voted 3rd Vice Chair of LD19.

Representative Justin Olson stated that Russell Pearce stood strong in the Senate when he stated and meant it, “We cannot spend money we don’t have.”

Representative Rustin Pierce reminded the audience that Russell Pearce was the leader who got 2nd amendment rights passed. Pearce led the fight to cut billions from the state budget.

Representative Steve Montenegro asserted, “American Latinos want secure borders.”

Senator Andy Biggs: “Russell Pearce knows the US Constitution and the Arizona Constitution. SB1070 is about State’s Rights."

Representative John Kavanaugh. “The Leftists who started the recall perverted, abused, and twisted the facts…SB1070 is known worldwide. Russell Pearce dared to state that Arizona will cooperate with the federal government to enforce federal law. That was Russell Pearce’s crime.”

Senator Ron Gould stated that he and Russell Pearce helped craft Prop 200, requiring that you must prove that you’re a citizen of the USA to register to vote, and that you must show ID at the polls.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “We need fighters who never surrender. I support Russell in whatever office he wants to hold….except Sheriff.”

Representative Eddie Farnsworth introduced Russell Pearce saying: “I support Russell Pearce not because he’s a Republican or because he’s a Conservative, but because he lives Republican values. He lives Conservative values. Russell Pearce supports the Constitution and this Republic.”

When Russell Pearce spoke, he stated all the things the media never tells you. Russell Pearce loves this Republic and stands up for it. He thanks God for his family and wants to protect them. He wants to return control of children’s education to their parents.

He is running for office because he knows that we are at a crossroads. Obama has done more to destroy our Republic in just three and a half years than any President before him.

Russell Pearce knows that God had His Hand in the making of America. He invites you to study the evidence which you can find by reading about the Founders of America. He related a true story of Rev. Thomas Prince

Russell Pearce has never wavered in standing firm for our Republic and our freedoms, for personal responsibility, for families, and for the rule of law.

What will our answer be when our names are called?

“What did you do to save your country?”