Senator Flake Calls for Last-minute 6/26 Telephone Town Hall – Then Cancels at the Last Minute

At 9:45 pm on June 25, an urgent email notification was sent out stating:

"Senator Jeff Flake would like to invite you to participate in a conference call on Wednesday, 6/26, at 7:00 am AZ time.  The Senator would like to discuss the immigration reform bill being voted on in the Senate this week."

Constituents who called were on hold for about 12 minutes, then disconnected.  Then, they learned that the "conference call" had been cancelled.

I didn’t know you could smell tar and feathers through the phone.   

By the way, there is a Recall effort underway of both Senator Jeff Flake and John McCain.  Arizona Voters Move to Recall Flake and McCain…It’s PAYBACK Time.