Senator Russell Pearce: The Undefeated.

Senator Russell Pearce wasn’t defeated by Jerry Lewis. He was granted a well deserved, brief sabbatical, compliments of a republic-destroying Recall that allowed Democrats to hijack our electoral process. Add to this the Leftist media, Arizona Republic (aka Pravda), who had nothing honest to say about Senator Pearce’s record or the popular support and success of SB1070; and add the Big Bucks that came pouring in from every Leftist organization in the country to pay for weekly hit mailers against Senator Pearce, and to pay canvassers to go door to door to trash Senator Pearce and speak glowingly about Lewis.

Anyone who thinks that Jerry Lewis "won" last night’s Recall election will soon be witnessing their junior senator floundering at the State Legislature.

Russell Pearce is not an ordinary man. We will hear from him again.

The difference between Conservatives and Leftists is this: Conservatives fight for Principles of Freedom. The Left fights for money. There isn’t enough money on the earth to kill the Taste of Freedom.

Senator Russell Pearce remains, in a word, Undefeated.