Shane Stapley for Gilbert School Board

With 8 school-age children, it is easy to understand why education is of critical importance to Mr. Stapley.

A lifelong Arizona resident and graduate of Gilbert Public Schools, Mr. Stapley is committed to putting Education First. He has stated, “Quality education involves more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. We must also consider critical thinking and debate, the performing arts of music, dance, theater, and other elective courses. Sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities bring opportunity also for a more fully-developed educational experience for our youth. These activities are essential to a thriving society.”

Mr. Stapley believes in fiscal responsibility and budget transparency. He asks, “Why don’t we know what is being spent in our school district? Where exactly does the funding go"? With full disclosure and complete transparency, the answer to these questions will be answered.

He strongly supports parental input and involvement as an ever-more integral part of the basis for policy and procedure in how our children are educated.