Statement Against the SpringBoard Curriculum by Julie Smith

(NOTE: The letter from Anita Christy to the Governing Board cited several additional detailed statements made by Ms. Julie Smith. Please see those also.)

Dear Members of the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board:

I wanted to share a conversation I had with Mr. John Huppenthal during a meeting last week. Mr. Huppenthal most graciously listened to my questions and concerns about the common core standards and specifically the Springboard curriculum that GPS is considering for adoption. Mr. Huppenthal described the common core standards as an approach much like a “back to basics” instruction method. Mr. Huppenthal was surprised to learn that GPS is considering purchasing new curriculum to meet the common core standards given that the standardized test has not yet been developed. He also stated that GPS is an excellent district which he believes should meet or exceed the new standards maintaining the current books and curriculum being used.

Springboard curriculum engages in the current cultural wars which does not achieve the standard for getting children college and career ready. GPS is an excellent district and need for change in curriculum is not warranted. I am urging the school board to stick with the current books and curriculum and wait at least one more year before making decisions on new purchases influenced by a desire to meet common core standards.