Statement by Frank Riggs on his Endorsement of Doug Ducey for Governor

I’ve congratulated Doug Ducey and told him that he has my endorsement and full support in the General Election. I promised to support our Party’s nominee when the question came up during the primary campaign. Scott Smith, Christine Jones and Ken Bennett all made the same pledge and I encourage them to keep their commitments despite whatever differences they may have with Doug.

Doug Ducey will make a far better governor than Fred DuVal. DuVal claims he helped implement welfare reform at the federal level. The fact is that the Republican Congress forced President Bill Clinton, for whom DuVal worked, to pass welfare reform legislation in 1996 (the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act) after Clinton had twice vetoed similar bills. I know, because I served in Congress at the time and co-sponsored and voted for the legislation which instituted time limits and work requirements for welfare recipients, and was a cornerstone of the Republican Contract With America.

Doug Ducey, like the governors of other states who endorsed him, is a conservative who believes in and will fight for more state autonomy over the delivery of welfare services and other essential services like K-12 education and Medicaid health care for the indigent and truly needy. I will work for his election and stand ready to assist him and his administration in addressing the formidable challenges facing our state, if I can be of service.

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