Steve Smith, Candidate for State Senate LD23, Explains How to Help Your Candidate Win!

I received the following email from Steve Smith, who is fighting to beat Democratic incumbent Rebecca Rios in LD23 for State Senate. What’s important here is that these actions apply to ANY candidate that you wish to support.

True Conservatives are needed desperately in the Arizona State Legislature and in the U.S. Legislature. STOP SPENDING!!!!Remember the legendary words of Ronald Reagan, "We could say they are spending like drunken sailors, but that wouldn’t be fair to drunken sailors, because the sailors are spending their own money"!

This from Steve Smith:

"We are now in full-swing in the State Senator race for the General election on November 2. Rebecca Rios and I have our Clean Elections debate next Wednesday, September 15 in Casa Grande and I am working day-in and day-out on all things related to this campaign.

Many people have so kindly asked how can they help me, so NOW IS THE TIME & HERE IS HOW YOU CAN DO IT!

What I need specifically is a Campaign Captain(s) and a small team in each city/area throughout District 23 to do the following:

1). Putting up campaign signs in each city (I need help with this ASAP)

2). Putting a campaign sign in your (and in anyone else’s you know) yard/business.

3). Campaign walks in your area
(this is walking your neighborhood handing out literature to voters; I will provide all literature and addresses).

4). Campaign phone calls in your area (I will provide all phone #’s)

5). Writing a ‘Smith vs. Rios’ editorial piece to your local newspapers
(I will provide whatever information/facts you need)

If you area willing and able to help me in any or in all of the areas above, please respond to this email and let me know what city you live and in which of the ways you can help.

I’m not asking for money, I just need your time. That being said, I know your time is very valuable, but I cannot tell you how much your help would mean to me and how important it is in defeating Rios. It is YOU that will make this win over Rios a reality as of course I simply cannot do it by myself.

Remember our ACORN motto (All Conservatives Overthrow Rios Now).

We have to do this together, this is the year and now is the time to once and for all defeat her. She intends on running for a US House seat in 2012, so let’s stop her before it is too late.

We beat her in the Primary in head-to-head votes, but now we must make sure we leave no stone unturned and do what we can do to defeat her on November 2. Don’t forget, early ballot voting starts October 7, so time is of the essence.

PLEASE pass this email on to anyone who you think would be interested in helping as well. Once again, thank you so very much!