STOP these Free Market Killing ICC Building Codes in Gilbert – TOWN COUNCIL VOTES THURSDAY, 11/7/2013!

Please see Gordon Ray’s email below. Thanks to the high level of research and persistence of Gordon’s team of dedicated citizens, the Gilbert Town Council is looking at the ICC 2012 Building Codes like they never have in the past.  So far the Council has hit the pause button. 

Tomorrow they vote.  PLEASE send an email and/or attend this meeting to speak out against adoption of these codes.  This email address will reach Mayor John Lewis and all Council members:   Town Hall, 50 E. Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85296.

How can any of these codes honestly be about safety issues?  Is your house still standing?  Is every house in Gilbert still standing?  What about all the office buildings, grocery stores, and government buildings?  All were built with tons of previous codes.  None were built with these proposed 2012 Codes!   None of the homes and buildings built without these codes have presented any hazards.  Children haven’t gotten shocked from sticking screwdrivers, paperclips, or anything else into the outlets. 

Please tell the Council:  Even if a code is an improvement, that improvement shouldn’t be made into a law.  The improvement should be a choice between the builder and the person paying for the construction.  Just because some private entities wrote those codes, forcing them on the citizenry is NOT supporting the Free market.  Leave the Free market to compete on its own, without more onerous regulations. 

Enough of Government Regulations at all levels!   All of these monsters got their start at the local level.  Kill the monster while it’s young, before it turns into the Rottweiler that runs your household.    

From: Gordon Ray


This will be our most important meeting ever! Do whatever is necessary to be there!!!!!

You do NOT need to be a Gilbert residence to help us.

If for any reason, you are unable to attend, PLEASE send me an email that someone can read for you with your feelings!

(3 min. max.)

PLEASE! come tomorrow night (and bring many friends) a little before 7 to sign in and help us defeat the adoption of the ICC family of building codes in Gilbert.

Thursday night, Town Hall at 7 P.M
50 E Civic Center Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85296

This is what is up for a vote. It is the whole 9 yards of the codes! Energy, Conservation, etc, etc, etc.

What happens here will probably determine what will happen in Queen Creek!

This is the agenda item that will be voted on:

CODE OF GILBERT – conduct hearing and consider adoption of an Ordinance adopting the Building and Construction Regulations Code of the Town of Gilbert Arizona 2013 edition, 2012 editions of the International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Mechanical Code, International Plumbing Code, International Fuel Gas Code, International Energy Conservation Code, International Fire Code, International Green Construction Code, 2011 National Electric Code, 2013 Code for the Enforced Removal or Abatement of Prohibited Conditions, and Arizonans with Disabilities Act. All as amended by the Building and Construction Regulations Code of the Town of Gilbert, Arizona, 2013 Edition which is also to be hereby adopted.



P.S. All of the time and energy that we have put in so far depends on how (4) council members are persuaded to vote tomorrow! YOUR PRESENCE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 

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