Student Kenneth Ye Farragut takes down Common Core in Tennessee

Please note that Kenneth Ye Farragut is a top honors student who has scored 5’s on AP Calculus and AP Statistics.  He states, "I am unable to answer or justify the first grade Pearson math question, ‘What is a related subtraction sentence?’"  He refers to the public school systems that have adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as "Data Run Factories."  (In Arizona, CCSS is referred to as Arizona College and Career Ready Standards, which is identical to Common Core.)

Please also note that Kenneth Ye Farragut notes that Pearson is the largest educational text sales company in the world.  Bill Gates – one unelected businessman – partnered with Pearson to market Common Core.  Bill Gates also funded the Common Core initiative and paid the PTA and the pro-Common Core think tanks (Fordham Institute, Manhattan Institute, Foundation for Educational Excellence) that advocate for it. He has also paid Achieve, Inc.  Achieve, Inc. had more to do with the development of Common Core than any other single organization.  Bill Gates has publically called American schools his "uniform customer base."  He has said that his goal is for Common Core tests, curriculum, and standards to align.  


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