Supporters of Bob Worsley, Meet your Newest Best Friend: Randy Parraz!

Jerry Lewis’s supporters got away with playing dumb about the leftists helping them to defeat Russell Pearce, and guarantee a Jerry Lewis win.

Parraz’s Puppets for Bob Worsley aren’t going to get away with it.

Did you ever wonder how much money the leftists raised to defeat Russell Pearce, under the willfully uninformed noses of Jerry Lewis and his supporters?

A quarter of a million dollars.

Citizens for a Better Arizona raised $141,000.

Campaign Money Watch sent out $55,000 worth of fliers for Lewis.

The union UNITE HERE, who initiated the boycott of Arizona, kicked in $15,000.

Campaign for Community Change helped out with another $9,000. National leaders are Deepak Bhargava and Ali Noorani.

Of course, there were the $68,000 in donations to Lewis himself. See Pearce challenger’s campaign donors largely in Mesa, Lewis’s donors were largely in Mesa.

My personal favorite is this one:                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Promise Arizona en Accion. This group canvassed for Lewis to the tune of $25,000.

Doesn’t it warm your heart knowing that Jerry Lewis’s good friend Don Stapley partied with Randy Parraz and members of Promise Arizona en Accion in mutual celebration of Jerry Lewis’s win?

Did you know that Parraz’s wife Lilia Alvarez is running for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors? Why do you think that is? Simple: If Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t defeated, then the MCBOS can always DEFUND him.

How many state legislators do you know that have had to fight off this kind of opposition? Every candidate for public office can expect opposition from within his own Party. However, NOT every candidate’s opposition is helped with a quarter of a million in leftist dollars, which was spent on ads, mailers, and door to door canvassers.

Not every candidate’s opposition is helped by leaders from within his own Church holding firesides. Or by the leftist media like the Phoenix New Times, the Arizona Republic, the EV Tribune, and by local television stations. Or by the Progressive Democrats of Arizona.

Not every Candidate’s opposition is aided and abetted by leftist Randy Parraz.

Enter Bob Worsley.

There are differences. Worsley has plenty of his own money. However, Randy Parraz’s leftist buddies are helping Worsley, and the liberal Republicans know it. The liberal Republicans working to elect Bob Worsley should not be allowed to get away with “playing dumb” about their unholy alliance with the Randy Parraz leftists.

Worsley is Getting Canvassing Help from Leftist Agitator, Randy Parraz.

And who is Worsley himself palling around with?

LD25 Senate Candidate Bob Worsley Speaking with members of the IAF?

This meeting took place last month with the Mesa Education Association (MEA). This benign sounding teachers union is an affiliate of the IAF. The IAF (Industrial Area Foundation) is an atheist-inspired leftist organization started by Saul Alinsky. Both Barack Obama and Randy Parraz were trained in this method of “community agitating.”

The MEA also stood in solidarity with those who tried to defeat Scott Walker, the governor of WI.

The IAF most recently has reinvented itself to embrace faith based organizations.

Fair warning to the supporters of Randy Parraz (er, uh, I mean) Bob Worsley. Be careful about picking up rattlesnakes that promise not to bite. They never go against their nature.