Susan Hicks Speaks out Against the Gilbert Override

The GPS Informational Booklet on the $17 million budget override came in the mail today….please read the arguments that are against the override as they explain the lack of oversight and accountability of the budget by this school board and administration.
Many of us writing to oppose the override served on, or attended, the Citizens Budget Committee meetings this past winter and saw first hand their inability to explain what the expenditures in their ‘buckets’ of spending were. We saw preferential treatment to vendors, contractors, and suppliers. This board and administration want access to blanket spending without ever examining the budget to see where waste and abuse are occurring.
The administration looked at the budget in 2007 because they had to…..the teachers, taxpayers, and students should not have to wait that long for a review of the budget. Rather than cut administrative expenses, this administration threatens to cut teachers and their pay.
Gilbert Public Schools’ tax rates have increased 40 percent from last year, the highest in at least 30 years!
And they want a $17 MILLION OVERRIDE on top of the increased tax rates. Read more:  Gilbert, Higley Tax Rates for Past 30 Years.