Why Proposition 406 Matters

For the last 13 years, Gilbert budget planners have forecasted large multi-million dollar deficits. Magically, the Town ended either with a surplus or very small deficit each year. Each year some of our elected officials make the case to raise some sort of tax whether it’s a primary property or sales tax or Use Tax. Taking a moment to reflect on the history of Gilbert budgeting has great importance on our current election.

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Prop 406 – Linda Abbott & Co.’s Sales Tax Increase

After the 6/30/2009 taxes were rescinded on 8/11/2009 by a unanimous vote of the Council (see “The Taxes are Rescinded! For Now”), Council Member Abbott resumes beating the drum for a committee made up of citizens to help Abbott & Co. (including incumbent candidates for re-election Dave Crozier and Les Presmyk, plus John Sentz and Steve Urie) figure out how to cut spending and generate revenue for the Town.

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It’s Only a Cup of Coffee

by Jared Taylor

This article was originally published in April 2010.  It is being republished in light of the Budget issues being discussed in the Gilbert Public Schools.  Once again, the Liberals are demanding more from the private sector.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed over 20 people in Mesa and Gilbert regarding an Executive Assistant position we are looking to fill at work. I was surprised that nearly all of the individuals living in Gilbert needed to get back into the workforce as either their spouse had been laid off or the household income had dried up. Cash was in short supply.

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