Tempe! Say No to Taxes, Bonds!

A J LaFaro, who is running for Maricopa County Chairman of the Republican Party, recently published the following letter in the Tempe Republic.  Please take note that Tempe could easily be called the "Poster City of Financial Disaster."  This is what happens when the progressive socialists and public employee unions take control.

"October 27, 2012

Have you ever asked yourself why your annual property tax bill and mortgage keep going up when the value of your home keeps going down?  It’s because there are at least 11 education and government taxing districts that have unlimited ability to levy taxes on our homes to fund their continued wasteful spending — Tempe Union High, Tempe Elementary, Kyrene Elementary, and the City of Tempe, to name a few.

These taxing districts currently have almost $2,000,000,000 in collateralized bond debt obligations that are secured by our homes.  Yes, that’s right — $2 billion, and they want the voters to approve $199,000,000 this election cycle and on November 6.

Cities and districts across America are going bankrupt because they continue to live well beyond their means, paying outrageous salaries and benefts, and unsustainable pensions to their public employee union members and administrators.

Millions of people are suffering all across America. 

It’s time for the taxing districts to stop using our homes as their ATM’s. 

It’s time to vote NO!

A J LaFaro