The Fortress Stone

This song was written by Jason Barney. He qualifies that statement, however, by adding, "I wrote it, but after long prayerful collaboration with Bill Norton, Jared Taylor, and Barb Stowell."

"The Fortress is the Constitution," writes Jason. "The Constitution doesn’t give us our rights. God does that. The Constitution protects the rights God gave us. Thus, the metaphor of a Fortress. However, just as the Constitution protects us, we must protect it. It is only as strong as the people who understand it and protect it. A Fortress is only as strong as the stones that make it up. We, the individuals, are the stones. So, this isn’t just an anthem to the Constitution, but also to we the people who make it viable or not by our actions."

Please reflect on that statement, "just as the Constitution protects us, we must protect it." The Constitution was the first successful contract with the American people. It has been repeatedly violated, with more violations coming in the future. It is absolutely critical that we understand the Constitution and what it means, and that we recognize violations when we see them and take action against them. Otherwise, our Fortress will be destroyed, one stone at a time. And our Freedom will be gone.

Here is the link to this beautiful song:

The Fortress Stone

The Verse 1:

Since time began the greed of man
Has sought to bind his brother’s hand.
Yet noble Father’s sword and pen
Built up a fortress to defend.

Verse 2:

Though kings and tyrants seek to reign
And dim the light of freedom’s flame,
The shelter of the fortress wall
Endures until oppression falls.


In our soul there is a fire,
To choose the path of our desire.
From ancient ink the wall ascends,
The flame of freedom She defends.

Hear the call to raise up the wall.
Sing the song of freedom and it will not fall.
Liberty flows in the blood and the soul
Of We the People sheltered by the Fortress Stone.

Verse 3

When time has past and we are gone,
Will freedom’s fortress still be strong?
Would we become oppression’s hand,
If stone by stone we fail to stand?

Chorus Again

Liberty flows in the blood and the soul
Of We the People sheltered by the Fortress Stone,
The Fortress Stone.

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