The Gilbert Town Council Raised Taxes Again…Sigh

$5 gas. Signs of recession everywhere. Stagflation is next. Supply chain shortages. Highest inflation in 40 years.

So what does the Gilbert Town Council do? Do they provide relief to the senior citizen on fixed income? No. Do they help those in economic distress? No. They raise taxes again!

How out of touch is this Council?

Only Councilmembers Hendrix and Yentes voted against this wrongheaded move.

Voting to raise your taxes include: Mayor Brigitte Peterson, Councilmembers Anderson, Tilque, September, Kaprowski. Running for a Council seat this fall are September and Kaprowski. They were not elected, but appointed after a few Councilmembers quit.

Are higher taxes for lower levels of Town service getting old to anyone else but GilbertWatch? We’ll see if the voters elect more tax and spend politicians like September and Kaprowski, in August.

Remember, this is the same tax increase that Mayor Peterson promised wouldn’t actually occur if you voted for her gold-plated Public Safety Training Faculty. With this week’s vote, she has now hiked taxes four times on hard-working Gilbert taxpayers.

Ready for change, yet? The next election is 2 August 2022. If you want to keep more of your money, you need to check out someone new like Jim Torgeson, Marcio Chicas, Bobbi Buchli, or Chuck Bongiovanni. Each of them are advocating for fiscal responsibility.