The Good News in Gilbert – Staci Burk and Shane Stapley won!

Gilbert Watch supported two candidates for Gilbert School Board, and they won!! Now, we as a community need to support their efforts to: 1) Put Education First; 2) Insist on Budget Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility; 3) Improve Responsiveness to Parental concerns; 4) Support Retaining Quality Teachers and Maximize Tax Dollars Getting into the Classrooms.

We can no longer elect good people and then abandon them to achieve their goals by themselves. We must support these people by helping them get to the truth of whatever issues they face. We must forevermore be an engaged citizenry that stops falling for the oft-repeated slogan “We need more money! It’s for the children!” Don’t we know better by now?

Many times, that money goes into the classrooms, and then is diverted right back out again to support projects having little to do with a quality education, basic classroom materials, and good teachers.

Attend some board meetings. Know what’s going on. Communicate with Staci Burk and Shane Stapley. Help them.