The “Government Measurement of Financial Necessity” Chart

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Below you will see precisely how to qualify for Governor Brewer’s "Free" IRS-Controlled Medicaid Expansion medical plan.  If you aren’t poor and helpless enough to qualify for the 133% FPL (federal poverty level), you will also see precisely how to qualify for "Free" or heavily subsidized individual health insurance,  Notice how you can be making $45,960 a year and be poor enough to qualify for a "Free" subsidy compliments of your new Mommy:  The Federal Government.  Where does all this "Free" Obama money come from?  He either borrows it or steals it from other people.  

The Leftists have been waiting for years for this golden opportunity to ruin America.  And now the Obama Administration is doing it faster than the speed of light.

Oh, and who made up that term "Government Measurement of Financial Necessity?"  Why Mommy of course.  She doesn’t want to upset you by using the term "poverty."   Mommy always knows what’s best for her ignorant and docile Americans.