According to Christine Bauserman, Chairman of URAPC, we do NOT have the minimum number of signatures yet!  It is time for all of us to get our second (fortieth?) wind and get busy!

This is what some valiant, freedom-loving signature gatherers are doing before turning in their petitions to Christine Bauserman at the State Capitol:  They are working their neighborhoods.  They are also getting lots of signatures by standing in grocery store parking lots and greeting the customers as they get out of their cars.  They stay for only 15 to 20 minutes and then go to another store, before a grocery store employee asks them to leave!  (Hit and Run without killing anybody!)

Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert on Greenfield and Guadalupe.  10 am – Noon. 

Signatures are being gathered at five stations surrounding the Mesa Arizona Temple.  Please note that signature gathering is being done on CITY PROPERTY surrounding the temple property, not the temple grounds, and that the sacred nature that the temple holds for the LDS community is being maintained.   Please know that there are more people who want to sign than there are people to gather signatures!  They need more people and more petition sheets.  They are getting signatures from multiple counties, as well.  If you are available, please head over there and help.  The address is 101 S. Lesueur.  Major crossroads are Mesa Dr and Main in Mesa.  If you have questions, please call Doug Ardt 480-332-7493

Petition Drop-Off Locations

·        East Valley High school where the Red Mountain Tea Party holds meetings.  7420 E Main.  Noon to 1 pm only.

·        AZ State Capitol Lawn  1700 W. Washington.  Christine Bauserman, Chairman of URAPC, will be collecting the final turn-in of the petitions today, Wednesday, on the Capitol Lawn in Phoenix, from 1-3 pm. A notary will be available. Please wait until this time to bring petitions to the Capitol.  For information, call her at 520-235-2234 or email at

·        Conservative Business League/Arizona Project. 3375 E. Shea Blvd. Suite 2-B (just off the 51 highway, exit 9).   Call before you go:  602-541-1436.  Notary available or do so at your bank.

·        If You Need Last Minute URAPC Petitions Picked Up In Maricopa, please contact A. J. LaFaro:  480-752-9164.

NOTE:  Christine Bauserman will collect petitions in Tucson this morning, then drive to Phoenix for a final count.   Bauserman said, “If you need to meet me along the highway please call:  520-235-2234, or email  I will be on the capitol lawn around noon and notaries will be available.”  Please turn in your petitions to Christine Bauserman.