The People’s Veto – UPDATE

by Christine Bauserman
United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives

Principled Conservatives Unite behind the People’s Veto

Saturday, June 22, 2013,  was a successful event on the Capitol Lawn.  The referendum to veto Governor Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion was filed on Tuesday and in just four days three hundred Conservatives marched upon the Arizona Capitol armed with a pen to begin to battle an out-of-control Governor and to stop Obamacare in Arizona. 2500 pre-pledged petitions were quickly dispersed to Republican legislative district leaders and the remaining 2500 begin flying off the table. 

Defying the media narrative that the heat would be too daunting the Liberty Caucus and Tea Party organizations from across the state joined the Republican Precinct Committeemen solidifying the United Republican Alliance mission to unite Principled Conservatives to veto Governor Brewer’s ill conceived and unconstitutional legislation. The people of Arizona are not threatened by the Governor, her greedy lobbyists, or the crony capitalist intimidation tactics she and her ilk utilize.  

Armed with petitions and pens the troops are marching into communities gathering signatures. Join them. Get your petition. Go to the Facebook page URAPC for pictures of Saturday’s events and get involved.  

“WHEREAS, supporting a government takeover of Arizona’s health care system, even to secure large amounts of federal funds, does not reflect the values of the Republican Party or the interests of the taxpayers of AZ.”

                                                     Maricopa County Republican Committee Resolution. March 7, 2013