The Recall Election of Russell Pearce: What It’s Really All About

By Talmage Pearce

Not all of you live within Arizona’s Legislative District 18 but most of you I am sure have heard of the recall effort has been taking place against Senate President Russell Pearce. Over the past couple of weeks I have felt the need to send you all an email and explain what is really going on with the recall election.

The recall planning has been taking place since about a year before Russell Pearce was re-elected into office in 2010. The man who filed the recall and has organized signature gatherers, etc. is Randy Parraz, who is a union organizer who has taught racist courses at ASU teaching that Hispanics were robbed of their land by the whites and have been oppressed ever since. He is a left wing progressive who is pro-homosexual marriage, pro-abortion, pro-socialism, anti-guns, etc.

Randy Parraz is not from Arizona and nobody in his organization lives within the boundaries of Russell’s district (LD 18) except for one person who was needed in order to file the recall. Even though Randy’s group "Citizens for a Better Arizona" is comprised of people who do not live in LD18, they felt the need to decide for us who we do and don’t want to represent us. They poured an estimated $75,000+ just into paying hired signature gathers. This effort began over a year before Russell was elected back into office in 2010 and took almost 2 years to gather enough signatures.

Randy Parraz was educated at Berkley (one of the nation’s most liberal Universities) and was later trained by some of the most radical and progressive people in America to be an effective community organizer (much like Barack Obama). He was trained and has trained many others to do the same. He was later sent to Arizona (lives in Scottsdale) with a Mission to turn Arizona into a Democratic Blue State.

I first met Randy Parraz in front of the Mesa Public Library where he and a group of his cronies were gathering recall signatures. I was wearing a "Vote Russell Pearce" T-shirt (I have 5 of them and wear them frequently) as they noticed I was a Pearce supporter Randy and one of his progressive thugs began to physically assault me by pushing into me and stepping on my feet and not letting me go. As I asked them politely to get off of my foot and let me go, they began telling me to leave or they will call the cops and tell them that I was physically assaulting THEM! My Dad was there and was the only witness besides Randy Parraz and his 10 friends. These are the kind of people who are behind this recall election.

The plan all along was not to recruit a democratic candidate to run against Russell in the recall election, but to find a Republican (any republican) to run against him. The reason for this is because Russell has accomplished and continues to accomplish more for conservatism and American values than any other legislator in our generation. Jerry Lewis is being used as a pawn in this left wing scam, and it is extremely disheartening to see many good people join the ranks on the Jerry Lewis side. Jerry Lewis is a good man but I can assure you that if elected into office, he will not accomplish much if anything in the Arizona Senate. This is exactly what the liberals want, and it has been the goal of the far left all along, the end goal is to put on the breaks for conservatism in LD18, not to pull a U-turn.

The recall effort is a nonsensical abuse of our electoral process, and it is an assault on our Constitution. Recalls were meant to be used in events of corruption, dishonesty, malicious activity, or violations of the law. Russell is guilty of none of those things, and he is the most honest, moral legislator we have in the State of Arizona. He does not compromise his values for campaign contributions, he does not exchange votes with other legislators, he does not back down when cheap labor groups, Randy Parraz, the democratic party or the labor unions threaten him with a recall. And he does not compromise his values because his decisions might not be popular.

Russell Pearce has the courage, the integrity and the experience that LD 18 needs right now, and I urge everyone who is currently on the fence or leaning in favor of Jerry Lewis to look at their records and to look at who is behind the recall effort. I urge you all to look at Russell’s track record. Study our Constitution. There is more at stake in this election that we understand. Socialism has been slowly creeping into our governments policies, our federal government has slowly grown larger and larger outside of the constitutional limitations it was given by our Founding Fathers, states rights have slowly been taken away by the federal government. Our freedoms have slowly been taken away, and morality and God have slowly but surely been dismissed from the debate. Russell is the only legislator who protects the Constitution, our freedoms, and our values without compromise. He has never stopped protecting our freedoms.

The recall election is an unfair election, because there is no primary or general election. There will be 2 republican candidates that will be voted on by not only their republican peers (as in a primary election) but also by all independents and democrats. This means that the 30% of LD 18 which is democrat will vote for Jerry Lewis, and most of the independents. This means that Jerry Lewis might win with only 15-20% of the republican vote. I think that it is sad that Jerry Lewis could win this election without even coming close to acquiring a majority of support from the party that he professes to represent.

I know that many of you don’t agree with Russell on all the issues. That’s alright. As Russell puts it "those of you who are married know that you can often disagree with those you love most." Whether you agree with Russell 95% of the time or 75% of the time, I promise you that this recall election is more than an election against two opposing views. This is an election that will decide the fate of Arizona politics forever. Jerry Lewis is being used as a pawn by Randy Parraz and his progressive

I will not allow Randy Parraz to manipulate my district for his agenda. If Russell loses in this recall election, recalls could very well become a popular tool that the left will continue to use against the most conservative leaders in Arizona.

Here is a much abbreviated list of just a few of Russell’s accomplishments as an AZ legislator. No other legislator in my generation has had the moral convictions, work ethic, and love for our Constitution and for God as Russell does and nobody has or will accomplish more than he has.

Fiscal Responsibility:
– Passed a $500,000,000 tax reduction bill for Arizona families, the largest tax relief bill in Arizona history.
– This past year he lead and passed a Constitutionally balanced budget (first time in years) with NO new borrowing and NO new taxes, after taking on a tremendous state deficit.
– Only Arizonan and one of only 7 legislators in history to receive the "Hero of the Taxpayer" award from the American Tax Reform Association.
– Also was awarded the "Champion of the Taxpayer" award by the National Organization of Americans for Prosperity.
– Rated "Friend of the Taxpayer" by the Arizona Tax Payers Association

Supporting business and job growth: (Endorsed by NFIB)
– Sponsored the "Arizona Competitiveness Package"? Which cut corporate taxes by 30% and business property taxes by 10%.

Protect property rights and limitations of government authority:
– Sponsored legislation to stop eminent domain abuse and protect property rights.
– Recognized by the Goldwater Institute as having "proved to be the strongest ally" against government encroachment on liberty.

Protect 2nd amendment rights:
– Sponsored SB1108 the "Freedom to Carry Act" restoring 2nd amendment rights to Arizonans and making Arizona the number one state for 2nd amendment freedom.
– Consistently given an A+ rating by the NRA
– Given the top ranking by the Arizona Citizens Defense League

Family values:
– Prime Sponsor of Prop 102 which amended the Arizona constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, preserving the sanctity of marriage.
– 100% pro-life record

Authored Prop. 107 to Protect equality and eliminate racial preference:
– Wrote Prop 107 which ended affirmative action in Arizona (reverse racism).

Improve education:
– Honored by Arizona School Public Relations Association for his outstanding contributions to public education.
– Named a "Champion for ASU"? for his support of students, their families, and higher education at a ceremony at ASU
– Honored by the Arizona Technology Council for protecting and advancing Arizona as a top tier technology state several years in a row
– Given the "Apple Award" by Parents for Education for his continued work on achieving high results for education, while supporting Parents rights in educational choice.

Fighting illegal immigration and standing up for the rule of law:
– Wrote Prop 200 in 2004 stopping welfare and voting fraud. (passed on the ballot by about 60% of the voters)
– Wrote Prop 100 in 2006 which denies bond to illegal immigrants who have committed serious and violent crimes. (passed on the ballot by 78% of the voters)
– Wrote Prop 102 in 2006 which prevents the same from receiving punitive damages. (passed on the ballot by 75% of the voters)
– Wrote Prop 103 in 2006 making English the official of Arizona. (Passed by 73% of the voters)
– Sponsored and passed the employers sanctions law in 2007 which puts penalties on employers for hiring illegal immigrants. We just won the battle at the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5 to 3 decision upholding this law. A huge victory for States Rights!!!
– Sponsored and passed SB1070 which allows Arizona to enforce the federal immigration laws which have been left unenforced for many years.

While Director of the MVD:
– Produced a savings of over $10 million in administrative costs annually
– Created Service Arizona, the first service of its kind implemented by a government agency. It has received an E-Business award from IBM
– Reduced wait times for MVD customers from over two hours to about twenty minutes
– Helped create GIITEM (Gang, Immigration, Intelligence, Training, Enforcement Mission) a state-wide task force to combat the growing gang violence in Arizona
– Expanded the DUI Task Force into a statewide effort.
– Promoted alcohol "Zero Tolerance" for youth under 21.
– Received national recognition and a national award for a Hispanic outreach program to reduce DUI’s and underage drinking.

As Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office:
– Created Tent City, producing millions of dollars worth of savings annually for the tax payer.
– Awarded the Medal of Valor while serving as a Deputy for his bravery and persistence to continue to apprehend assaulters even after being shot through the hand and chest (without wearing a protective vest).
– Created the Arizona Auto Theft Authority and funded it with assessments from insurance companies using no tax payer dollars. With over a 1300% return on investment and a 47% reduction in auto thefts in Arizona, it has been given a national award as being the most effective program of its kind. (Arizona is no longer #1 in auto thefts)
– Implemented the Arizona Automated Fingerprint identification (AFIS). AFIS is a high speed image processing system that enhances the ability of the latent fingerprint examiners to search and identify crime scene evidence. Hailed as one of the best and most innovative law enforcement tools for catching criminals, he crafted the system using fees and fines from convicts.

Please support Russell in this coming election. If any of you have any questions regarding the election, Russell’s views, track record, or anything they have read or heard from the media, please let me know. For more information on Senator Pearce, go to

~Talmage Pearce