The Russell Pearce Record: Part 1

Russell Pearce’s conservative record was outstanding while serving in the legislature. He led the passage of the largest tax cuts in Arizona history. He inherited Janet Napolitano’s $3 billion deficit and balanced our budget without borrowing, gimmicks, or new taxes. Today, there is a $600 million surplus.

Pearce fought for multiple pieces of legislation that have made Arizona the school choice capital of the country. He was presented with the Golden Apple Award for his work on education.

He has a lifelong 100% rating on pro-life and pro-family issues, and he led the legislative effort to put the Protect Marriage Amendment on the Arizona ballot.

He has a long record of fighting for reduced government and regulation to free up Arizona’s economy, and is ranked #1 by Americans for Prosperity.

Russell Pearce led the fight against Affirmative Action in Arizona, so government doesn’t pick "winners and losers."

Russell Pearce is a champion at fighting for education, families, cutting taxes, improving the economy, and creating jobs.

Just 62 days until early ballots are mailed. Please put a yard sign in your yard. It is your personal testament to the grassroots support for Russell Pearce! Place a bumper sticker on your car.

Please contact Talmage Pearce, who will make sure you get them: 480-421-8381 or