The Sanctity of Human Life

Given by Pastor Matthew Chandler of The Village Church, this is the best pro-life sermon I have ever heard.  The most important message throughout is this: 

There is no sin so great or so evil that it has more power than the Cross of Jesus Christ, not even murder.  

Please watch his sermon.  You can also read the transcript by clicking HERE.

Quoting from the Bible and stating the facts of science, he concludes that the pro-choice arguments are irrational.  They are madness.  He points out that we cannot conceive how our parents could have stood by doing nothing when blacks were being persecuted in America, especially in the South.  Likewise, our children and grand-children will not understand how we could be so barbaric as to ignore the murder of millions of defenseless human beings.  What did we do to stop it?

Pastor Chandler explains why most Christian pastors turn away from this subject. They don’t get involved, because they don’t understand that after speaking Truth, they must engage lovingly.  All Christians must be a beacon of light, not a fist shaking at the darkness.  We should be a community known for our love for women, for our support for them.

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