The Tax Addict

by Dr. Russ Crawford
Have any of you dealt with an addict? If you have you will recognize some striking similarities between their struggles and what is happening with our government today. Addicts have a hard time realizing that they are ultimately responsible for their problem and its solution. They find it much easier to blame others for putting them in their situation. Addicts will ALWAYS need more of their drug to achieve their "high," but will never quite get enough. An addict will tell you just enough of the truth to get your empathy, but will never disclose the complete truth for fear of you saying No. An addict will throw anyone under the bus to get a fix. This usually includes those closest to them and most invested in their lives.
It is always tempting even as a professional to let our compassion and empathy sway us from doing what is needed and right to help resolve the problem. It is easier to continue feeding the addiction instead of detoxing the patient, but that only worsens and prolongs the problem. Detox is a hard and often painful process, but it accomplishes two important things. First, it allows the addict to regain control of his life and remove the ever present need for his drug. Second, it acts as an effective reminder that there is always a price to pay for dependence.
It is time for us to stop the addictive spending of our government. We have allowed them to play on our guilt and empathy and avoid the fact that they are not held to the same rules we are. Specifically, we can not continually spend more than we make. It is unsustainable and irresponsible, and in the end will destroy both the producer and the consumer alike. Those with minds clear of the fogging effects of addiction can see this logic. It’s time for some tough love.
Send politicians and bureaucrats straight to rehab!
Vote No on 100 and 406.