The Truth About the Department of Justice

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Meeting – 1/25/2012
Citizen Comment presented by Anita Christy

"Good morning. My name is Anita Christy. About this report from the Dept. of Justice that some of you are using like a club against Sheriff Arpaio:

  • Is this the Dept of Justice, under Eric Holder, who attacked SB1070, before he had even read the bill?
  • Is this the Dept of Justice, under Eric Holder who is under investigation for Fast and Furious, for deliberately allowing guns to flow to Mexican drug cartels, and that resulted in the death of Arizona Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry?
  • Is that “scathing” report authored by Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez of the Civil Rights Division, a Division which has been sanctioned for well over $4 million over frivolous lawsuits and misconduct? (See Note 1.)
  • Thomas Perez, who once served as president of Casa de Maryland, a radical open borders group that encourages ILLEGAL aliens not to speak with the police and urges local governments not to enforce federal fugitive warrants against them? (See Note 2.)
  • Thomas Perez, who fought to mandate that Mexican ID be recognized as valid photo ID in the United States, even though two thirds of Mexico’s states and districts don’t accept them because they are so rife with fraud? (See Note 2.)
  • Thomas Perez who demanded the dismissal of charges of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers, despite videotape evidence and documented testimony from Bartle Bull, a civil rights activist who supported Robert Kennedy?, Declaration of Bartle Bull See also Note 3.
  • Thomas Perez, whose Voting Section suppressed the military vote in 2010 by dragging its feet, so that many of our fighting men and women overseas don’t have a place to register to vote, and don’t get their ballots in time for their votes to be counted?, Note 4.
  • Do you believe that the DOJ cares about the Civil Rights of US citizens? I think it spends most of its time subverting our country’s immigration and voting laws.

Note 1: Page 100, INJUSTICE: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, by J. Christian Adams. (You may order this book through GilbertWatch. Please see the ad.)
Note 2: Page 216, INJUSTICE.
Note 3: Pages 119-23, 130-31, 146-48, 152, 164, INJUSTICE.
Note 4: Pages 9, 191-92, 229-30, 240-41.