Town Council Meeting Thursday, January 13: Zinke Land Acquisition!

Among many items up for discussion will be the Zinke Land Acquisition. Be prepared to hear how over-spending $8.6 million was “well within an acceptable” range. And how this park, when completed in 17 years, will benefit the town well past our memories of it.

The Council meeting begins at 7 pm, in the Council Chambers, 50 E Civic Center Drive. The independent appraisal and the Town of Gilbert audit is listed as Item #24A, which is almost dead last on the agenda. The public may attend.

On 1/10/2011, at 4 pm, the Council will discuss agenda items scheduled for the 1/13/2011 meeting. This, too, will be held in the Council Chambers. The public may attend.

On 1/10/2011, at 5 pm, in “Executive Session,” the Council will decide whether or not to “waive attorney-client privilege” and allow the public access to the outside legal counsel’s independent legal review of the Zinke land purchase. The public may not attend.

To see the agenda and view Item 24A, click on the Town of Gilbert official website (on the right-hand side of Gilbert Watch). Click on Town Hall, then Agendas & Minutes, then Town Council.