Two Excellent Blogs Dedicated to Gilbert and Higley School Districts

Right here in Gilbert, Arizona, are two excellent websites and blogs that are dedicated to both the Gilbert and Higley School Districts.  Both sites offer newsletters.  Please sign up for the most current, well researched information. 

Gilbert/Higley Public Schools News and Information: What the Main-Stream Media Doesn’t Report

This site focuses specifically on Gilbert and Higley Public Schools. "While you’ll see some articles from the Arizona Republic, East Valley TEA Party – Education Action Committee blog site, Gilbert Watch, and so forth, this site is dedicated to keeping Gilbert, AZ citizens informed on the issues that affect the district schools. Some references will be made to charter schools. Some things will focus on state-wide issues… but for the most part, we hope to keep our focus on what matters most in Gilbert (and Higley) District Schools." It is published by former Gilbert Public Schools governing board member Shane Stapley and provides much valuable insight.  Be sure to watch for articles contributed by the anonymous writer GPSINFORMER. 

Some Recent Articles:

Common Core Standards Remove Literature for Government Documents

GPS Override – Some Facts to Consider

Just Short of Beaking the Law…and Then Some

GPSInfo Gets SLAPPed by GPS Admin (Mrs. Barb VeNard, Assistant Superintendent)

Western Opposing Harrassment, Intimidation & Retaliation Against Educators Who Protect Kids.  

This site is dedicated to the Gilbert community and to teachers.  It is witty, funny, and brutally honest in providing facts "about the things Gilbert Public Schools doesn’t want you to know."  Western Connections also publishes a blog titled WestieConnect.

Some Recent Articles:

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Closing Gilbert Junior High School:  Amateur Hour Management

Once Again, the Administration Makes Life Difficult for Special Education Kids

Notice of Claim Filed by an Assistant Principal at Highland Junior High School