Two Young Men and the East Valley TEA Party Patriots

How many times have we conservatives spoken out at the Gilbert Town Council saying, “The Town should NOT be confiscating tax dollars to fund charities and special events. If the charity, good cause, or special event is worthwhile, the community will step up and support it.”

Last night, Tim Colquhoun, representing himself and Tyler Hudgins who was in Tucson and could not be there, made a brief presentation to the East Valley Tea Party Patriots. He explained that he and Tyler had volunteered to put on two popular kid attractions at the upcoming Constitution Week USA Fair: Dunk King George and Jump for Victory. Their costs amounted to $325, and they wondered if anyone would be willing to help them cover some of their costs.

Tim and Tyler are a year out of high school. They are our future.

So what did these Tea Partiers do? Together, they stepped up to support an event they thought had real value, and covered 100% of the costs.

They didn’t have to. They were free to give or to not give.

This is the way it is supposed to work. These two men could have gone down to the Council and asked for taxpayer dollars, citing what a worthy event it is.

But that’s not what they did. They didn’t want this money taken from the taxpayers involuntarily, no matter how good the cause. They merely said, “if this is worth it to you, we appreciate your voluntary financial assistance.”

Thank you Tim and Tyler. And Thank You to the East Valley TEA Party Patriots!