Veterans Oasis Park: Less than a Mile From the Zinke Land

Do you recognize this beautiful 110-acre park? It’s in Chandler at 4050 E Chandler Heights Rd. and was patterned after Gilbert’s Riparian Preserve. One mile east of this park, on the south side of Chandler Heights Road, is the 80-acre parcel that the Town Council of 2009 purchased, without an appraisal, paying $8.6 million more than it was worth, to be developed into parkland.

Chandler’s Veterans Oasis Park utilizes desert xeriscaping, with little trail paths throughout and large ramadas. The atmosphere of this beautiful park is one of peace and tranquility. It features a huge pond where you can fish. It also serves as a recharge facility. It attracts many species of wild birds that populate central Arizona’s desert and wetland habitats.

This park was the 2008 Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Winner, taking the First Place Crescordia Award for Park Site Development and Landscape.

If this isn’t enough park for you, take a look at the photos in the previous post, of Chandler’s proposed 110-acre Mesquite Groves Park. It sits directly across the street from the Zinke land purchase.