Welcome to Democratically-Controlled Arizona

This is a developing story…  Last night in a disgusting display of "bi-partisanship" (that’s when a handful of Republicans vote with ALL of the Democrats), the Arizona House of Representatives brought ObamaCare to Arizona.  They suspended all legislative rules.  They presented a 623 page budget that even they had not read yesterday morning.  It was Frank Pratt (LD8) who "sponsored" HB2010, but couldn’t and wouldn’t answer a single question about it.

They learned the "You’ll have to pass it to read it" method of "deliberation" from Nancy Pelosi.  So, our Republican (she’s no such thing) Governor Brewer joined the Democrats along with 9 traitors from the republican party to do what Pelosi was so good at.

Here are the names of the 9 sell-outs of our state:  Doug Coleman (LD16), TJ Shope (LD8), Frank Pratt (LD8); Jeff Dial (LD18); Rob Robson (LD18); Doris Goodale (LD5); Ethan Orr (LD9); Kate Brophy-McGee (LD28); and Heather Carter (LD15). 

More information will be forthcoming.  The question to ask is:  Who will be lining their pockets with the passage of this bill?  We’ll find out which "Special Interests" are going to make bank on this.  Believe me, it isn’t "the poor."