Who Told Gilbert They Could Rename Christmas?

A couple of weeks ago, Mayor Lewis spoke about how “Gilbert is different.” He passionately encouraged his fellow Council Members to take a stand and vote against alcohol sampling in grocery and big chain stores. “We promote a family atmosphere,” he said.

Does that principled stand extend to putting a stop to renaming our Lord’s birthday? I am personally offended by a government that uses its power to do that. Aren’t you?

The Council makes a big deal about preserving Gilbert’s “Heritage,” which in the scheme of things is about 15 minutes compared to the Christian religion’s 2000-year tradition. Yet, the Council, the Town, and WE have allowed a small vocal minority to force our Town to remove Christ from Christmas and to rename our traditional tree.

Please. The “holiday” is Christmas. The “holiday tree” is a Christmas tree. If your child stands before the “Holiday Tree” of Gilbert and asks you, “What holiday?” What are you going to answer? The holiday that can’t be named?  Or will you say, “Christmas.”


What do you say when your child asks, “Why don’t you call it a Christmas Tree?” The most logical answer is, “because I’m an idiot.” Oh, you’ll come up with something else, but it won’t be the truth.

To those who greet you with “Happy Holidays!” ask them, “Which holiday would that be?” The answer of course is Christmas. “Then say Merry Christmas!” I am not offended if someone wishes me Happy Hanukkah. I say Happy Hanukkah back to them.

I would prefer that the Town not celebrate this Holy day at all, than to diminish it. Pick a different day. Call it Heathens Day. Stick a tree in the middle of some Town park and decorate it tastefully with anything that clicks, rattles, or shines. Give the Town employees that day off, instead of December 25. 

December 25 is not a part of some no-name holiday. It is Christmas, backed up by over 2000 years of Christian tradition.

You can reach Mayor John Lewis and all Council Members, plus the Town Manager at the following: councilmembers@gilbertaz.gov and Collin.Dewitt@gilbertaz.gov

Stand up for your faith.