Why do Voters say YES to Overrides?

Shane Stapley of GilbertSchools.Info/ has uncovered the answer.  It’s because the Unions have figured out how to "motivate and manipulate" the parents and community.  Alana Charnofsky, president of the Higley Education Association (aka "the union") has instructed teachers on how to complete a survey which asks them for their opinion about places to cut.  Not only does she inform them to turn it in multiple times, but she also offers some of her expertise on how to complete it.  

Here’s an excerpt from Ms. Charnofsky’s email:

*Maintaining class sizes will impact parents the most.  Making cuts that impact only the teachers do  not motivate full participation of parents to pass overrides.

*If the community does not feel the full impact of the cuts, then the community will continue to not support the override.

Click HERE to read the email in its entirety.

Click HERE to read "HUSD Union Hates Parents and Endorses Whitener and Wojtovich," which contains the Charnofsky email.  

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