Will the REAL Tea Party Candidate Please Stand Up?

(Note: Twenty Arizona Tea Party and Conservative Groups across Arizona have endorsed JD Hayworth for US Senate. In spite of a major Press Conference and multiple Press Releases, the media is silent. The following is one of the emails that I sent, this one to Brian Webb, Channel 15. I’m not holding my breath that Channel 15 will conduct the interview that I had requested, so I’m posting this here.)

Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I guess that the signficance of the true, honest to goodness, 100%, pure gold Tea Party candidate issue is that 3 candidates claim to be the Tea Party candidate, but only one of them really has been endorsed by the majority of Arizona’s Tea Parties: JD Hayworth.

Now, you made an assumption that JD Hayworth is the most Conservative. Well, if you ask John McCain, he begs to differ. He says he’s the most Conservative. Check out his website. http://www.johnmccain.com/ Go to “Newsroom” and you’ll find a Press Release titled, “Tea Party Leaders Endorse Sen John McCain for Re-Election.” (That would be 2 people.)

Then there’s Jim Deakin who started schmoozing around with all the Tea groups back in April 2009. Wherever he went, he called himself the Tea Party candidate, and as recently as last week he appeared on Fox News billing himself the “Tea Party” candidate. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4306140/tea-party-activist-seeking-senate-seat. After the Arizona coalition of Tea Party groups formed and endorsed JD Hayworth, Deakin began a “Tea party denigration" campaign.

So now he refers to the Tea Party groups as “fake.” http://www.facebook.com/notes/jim-deakin/freedom-loving-arizonans-beware-and-be-wary-of-fake-tea-party-organizations-desi/419815356226

I guess they are “real” if they endorse Deakin, but “fake” if they support JD Hayworth.

Anyway, those groups were asked to vote on a candidate, and the overwhelming response was about 80% for JD Hayworth in each group. There are now about 20 Tea Party and Conservative groups that support JD Hayworth. The total membership includes over 4,000 people.

Citizens in the Tea Party movement are concerned about Free Enterprise, Individual Liberty, and the Constitution. We embrace the concepts of limited government, low taxes, and personal reponsibility. We believe in the “pursuit of happiness,” not the “guarantee of security.” We believe that true happiness derives from the freedom to pursue our dreams, to reap the rewards of our own earned success. Do you think people are happy who live on government hand-outs? We don’t think so. We also know that we have the freedom to fail, and that we are responsible for our success as much as for our failure.

Thanks for whatever you can do to get approval for an interview.

Anita Christy