ZINKE Investigation Discussed Tonight!

Addendum item #24A has been added to tonight’s 2/24/2011 Town Council meeting!   I won’t describe the boring technical description, but this is the ZINKE land purchase that has been covered at length by Parker Leavitt in the Arizona Republic, and also by me in Gilbert Watch.

So many things have not added up with this purchase that it really should be investigated by a third party, namely, Bill Montgomery, the Maricopa County Attorney’s office and/or Tom Horne, the Arizona Attorney General’s office.

The meeting is at the Municipal Center tonight, 50 E Civic Center Dr., at 6;30 pm, in the Council Chambers.  The item is scheduled toward the end of the meeting.  It’s hard to judge the timing, but you would be safe arriving at 7:15 and not miss it.

Please encourage such an investigation by emailing the Mayor and Council members at Councilmembers@gilbertaz.gov  Also the Town Manager at Collin.Dewitt@gilbertaz.gov