12/15/2013 was the 222nd Birthday of the Bill of Rights

I wonder if the Gilbert Public Schools history classes featured a discussion about the Bill of Rights.  Did any school?  What about the Gilbert Town Council?  Any Council?  The only people who truly represent "We the people" are those who were elected by the people for the people.   Does your Town Council support the Bill of Rights?  Do your school board members?  Or do they fall in line with growing government, invading your and your child’s privacy, and discouraging religious freedom?  
Joe Wolverton II, JD, has written a good article titled "Where Have You Gone, Bill of Rights"?  It’s a sad article, because the folks who were given the power by our Founders to keep our government from overstepping its bounds have failed to be vigilant.  Even sadder is that those of us who fight to preserve and protect our rights often get brainwashed by those who lobby for bigger government.  We are surrounded by worshipers of big government:  The newspapers,  magazines, television, entertainment industry, schools, colleges, and lobbyists of all kinds.    
Wolverton’s article was well written and well stated, but it was the lone comment at the end of it that caught my eye.  
This is what the commenter wrote: 
"The struggle to reign in the government can not just be waged at the federal level. It must begin locally with our School Boards and our City Councils. Then our state governments. When those institutions once again know what it is to be limited, then pushing back against federal abuses will be easier."


Please read Joe Wolverton’s article HERE.