Please Contribute to the 1st Way Pregnancy Center: Receive a Tax Credit

It’s Tax Credit Time!  Do you want your tax dollars to go to the Arizona Department of Revenue, or an organization that saves the lives of preborn children?

Please consider designating your tax dollars to 1st Way Pregnancy Center by participating in the Working Poor Tax Credit!  You can donate online by visiting 1st Way’s website at Donate Here and choose the tax credit button.  If you have questions on how a tax credit works, feel free to call 1st Way at 602-261-7522, or your personal accountant.  The deadline is 12/31/13.

All taxpayers in the State of Arizona are eligible to participate in the Working Poor Tax Credit. This tax credit allows a taxpayer to designate any amount up to $400 for married couples or $200 for individuals.  As of September 13, 2013, anyone can participate in this tax credit whether you itemize your taxes or not. 

The Working Poor Tax Credit is the easiest way to make a donation without costing you a thing! This is a dollar for dollar tax credit that you can apply to your AZ state taxes.

1st Way Pregnancy Center of Maricopa County is a charitable organization that serves the working poor. Since October of 1972, 1st Way has provided free services to families who seek help during their pregnancies. Services include free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, options counseling for men and women, education classes for men and women, material support, and community referrals. A majority of the women who are served at the center are facing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. The funds that the center receives through the Working Poor Tax Credit go directly to saving lives of the unborn through peer counseling, ultrasounds, and education.

The men’s program offers fathers of unborn babies peer counseling and education services.  Male peer counselors are prepared to encourage and assist a man to be a good husband and father.

Recently, the organization moved from a small historic house to a two-story, newly refurbished 4,800 square foot building in Central Phoenix. When the clients attend an education class, they receive material support, such as diapers, formula, clothing (sizes newborn – 2T), and furniture items when they are available. All of these items are new or gently used items that are donated to the center.

1st Way provides free resources which support life affirming choices. This is accomplished through a loving and non-judgmental approach with counseling, education and practical services. In the last seven years 1st Way has served over 15,000 women with free services to make a life affirming choices. For more information and to participate in the tax credit program, please visit 1st Way Pregnancy Support Center.  You can also call the executive director, Christine Accurso ,at (602) 261-7522 to set up a personal tour.