A Biblical Perspective on Humanity’s Relationship to the Biosphere

by Craig Idso, Ph.D.  

Dr. Idso is the author of several published peer-reviewed scientific articles and books, the most recent of which, The Many Benefits of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment, details 55 ways in which the modern rise in atmospheric CO2 is benefiting earth’s biosphere.  He is the CEO of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change.

Stewardship and Sustainable Development in a World of Rising Atmospheric CO2

Summary: Protecting the environment has become a key consideration in almost all that we do; for it is put forth as a self-evident fact that being good to the Earth is the only way to ensure that our children and grandchildren will inherit a world that provides equal or greater opportunities and resources than that in which we now live. But who decides what is right and what is wrong in this regard? For a sizable segment of earth’s population, such answers are found in the Bible. Comprised of writings dating back thousands of years, this sacred book serves as an ethical compass for people of numerous faiths. It records historical events that reach back to the world’s beginnings, and contains prophetic writings that foretell the world’s future. But does the Bible cast any light on society’s stewardship role with respect to the environment and the other forms of life with which we share the planet? This question must be seriously considered; for if it does, that light would be incredibly important, as it would have to be acknowledged as coming from God Himself. And who is better qualified to settle differences among earth’s many life forms than He who created and placed them here?

Click HERE to read the article, which addresses:  Stewardship and the Preservation of SpeciesSustainable Development in Ancient IsraelThe Preeminent Environmental Dilemma of Our DayWhere is Wisdom?What About Righteousness?and The Face of the Future. 

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