A Children’s Rescue Mission

Every now and then, voters get an opportunity to elect someone who reaches beyond the boring talking points and poll-tested campaign rhetoric. Someone who is ready to take on the real issues threatening our civil society. Today this person is Shiry Sapir and she deserves the vote of every Arizonan.

She knows our schools have been hijacked by the teacher unions and corrupt politicians who are ignoring parents and abusing our children with dangerous theories of confusion, hate, and division. This must stop and Shiry Sapir is the only candidate strong enough to bring real change.

As an immigrant from Israel, successful business owner, and most importantly a wife and mother, she knows this isn’t just another political campaign. In our education system, nothing short of a children’s rescue mission is urgently needed. It is as if she was born for such a time as this.

Are you tired of the same old politicians? Are you ready for real change? If so, join her cause today to make sure Arizona schools are truly accountable to parents and to stop the indoctrination in the classroom. Send this post to 10 friends and get them to vote for Shiry Sapir in the Primary Election on 2 August 2022. Register to vote at https://servicearizona.com by 5 July 2022.

To learn more about Shiry Sapir and how you can help her campaign, please visit her website at https://shirysapir.com.