Ballot Recommendations for the Election on 2 August 2022

Gilbert voters will again have a chance to select who represents them in a few weeks. Early ballots are headed to mailboxes after 4 July and voters need to become educated on who will best protect their rights and heritage as Americans. Below are the recommendations from Gilbert Watch. Consider this your cheat sheet to the election.


  1. US SenateJustin Olson, most experienced conservative policy maker and best track record of backing it up.
  2. US Congress, District 5 – Andy Biggs, outstanding defender of the rights and liberties of each American.


  1. County AttorneyRachel Mitchell, most experienced and trusted candidate to fight crime and protect our families.
  2. County Board of Supervisors, District 2Thayer Verschoor, strong conservative and will stay focused on representing his constituents.


  1. Governor Kari Lake, the America First conservative Arizona needs right now. She’s not afraid to stand up the Arizona swamp.
  2. Secretary of StateShawnna Bolick, strong constitutionalist, easy to work with, and proven conservative track record. Her main opponent, Finchem, supported the National Popular Vote which is unconstitutional and would destroy our electoral college.
  3. Attorney GeneralRodney Glassman, will protect the rights of all Arizonans with strong leadership.
  4. State Treasurer – Jeff Weningar, proven conservative record and solid business background.
  5. Superintendent of Public InstructionShiry Sapir, proven executive leader in the private sector and only candidate strong enough to stand up to the teacher unions and the DC swamp.
  6. State Mine Inspector – Paul Marsh, while he’s running unopposed, he still is a great guy and worthy of your vote.
  7. Corporation CommissionerKevin Thompson and Nick Myers, both have professional experience in these areas and willing to stand up to the utility special interests.


  1. LD 14 – Senate – Warren Petersen; House – Travis Grantham, and Laurin Hendrix. Each believe strongly in traditional American values such as individual liberty, election integrity, in low taxes and small government.
  2. LD 15 – Senate – Jake Hoffman; House – Jacqueline Parker and Carter Neal


  1. Gilbert Town CouncilJim Torgesen, Mario Chicas, Bobby Buchli