Aftermath of the 10/23/2012 Gilbert School Board Meeting

Please refer to my earlier post titled See Gilbert School Board "Fix Up" in Action 10/23/2012  for background.

Before I advise you of the votes, please note that, because the votes relating to the Superintendent’s performance evaluation were placed dead last on the agenda, following two back-to-back Executive Sessions (which, by law, the public is not allowed to attend), citizens were made to wait until 11 pm for the board to reconvene the public meeting for the vote.  One citizen was denied the ability to speak, because Administration had locked up the comment cards and shut down the electronic voting equipment.  Even though the director of Community Relations, Dianne Bowers, in a flurry of searching, was able to find a key and obtain a comment card for that citizen, the citizen’s request to speak was rebuffed by President EJ Anderson. 

Later, this citizen sent an email to the Board explaining the situation and asking for a response.  President EJ Anderson responded, and I quote her response in its entirety, "I understand your concern about the electronic voting.  I am sure we will remedy this for next time."

Relevant Votes 

 8.01 Items for Future Consideration

Staci Burk and Blake Sacha placed the following as an item:

“Developing superintendent performance pay criteria in compliance with ARS. 15-341(A)(40), which includes measurement of student academic growth, parent evaluation, and teacher evaluation.”

EJ Anderson, Lily Tram, and Helen Hollands voted NO.  They aren’t even willing to discuss including parent or teacher involvement, or student academic growth as criteria for evaluating the performance of the Superintendent.  However, the Superintendent uses a strict metrics system in his performance demands from principals and teachers.   

SPECIAL GILBERT WATCH NOTE:  If you want to see something very interesting that shows you the difference between a responsible, engaged board member and board members who routinely vote "Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes!" to whatever the Administration "recommends," take a look at other Items for Future Consideration at the end of this post.     

12.01 Approval of Alternative Procedure for Determining the Superintendent’s Performance Pay for Fiscal Year 2012-2013, Beginning on July 1, 2012 and Ending on June 30, 2013

Recommended Action:

It is recommended that the Governing Board approve and adopt for the full 2012-2013 fiscal year the alternative procedure for determining the Superintendent’s performance pay that is set forth in the August 9, 2011 Agreement to Modify Superintendent’s Employment Agreement and its related Exhibit A.

Table Item 12.01 pending future board discussion regarding superintendent’s performance pay.

Motion by Blake A Sacha, second by Staci Burk.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Aye: E J Anderson, Staci Burk, Helen D Hollands, Blake A Sacha

Nay: Lily N Tram

12.02 Approval of the Release of Superintendent Funds Based on Performance During the Months of September and October, 2012.

Recommended Action

It is recommended that the Governing Board approve the release of superintendent funds based on performance during the months of September and October, 2012.

Motion by Lily N Tram, second by Helen D Hollands.

Final Resolution: Motion Fails

Aye: Lily N Tram, Helen D Hollands

Nay: E J Anderson, Staci Burk, Blake A Sacha

What do these votes say about EJ Anderson,  Blake Sacha, and Lily Tram, who are all candidates for reelection? 
Lily Tram, Mindless Rubber Stamper.  VOTE HER OUT OF OFFICE!

Ms. Tram has been the most irresponsible, mindless rubber-stamper of the Administration’s recommendations since she was first elected to office.   No matter what Dave Allison and other District Officials recommend, Lily’s on board.  She doesn’t question.  She doesn’t debate.  The only time she had anything to say was when she successfully stopped former Board member Shane Stapley from bringing items for future consideration with her infamous Tram’s Rule.    As board president, she also tried intimidating citizens into stopping Public Information Requests.  See Commissar Lily Tram Uses Intimidation Tactic to Silence Citizens.   She went on record to state she would have voted along with EJ Anderson and Blake Sacha to close Gilbert Jr. High School.

EJ Anderson.  Rubber Stamper When Nobody’s Looking.  VOTE HER OUT OF OFFICE!

Until she began feeling the heat of the public spotlight a couple of months ago, EJ was a sure "Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes!" vote along with the Administration.   She’s the current board president and has been “on board” with Dr. Allison, supporting his every step in the debacle of the past few weeks relating to the closing of Gilbert Jr. High School.  When she began feeling the heat of a thousand passions emanating from parents and others who have been negatively affected when she voted to close Gilbert Jr. High School, she promptly threw Dave Allison under the bus.   Thus, her “it’s all Dave’s fault” vote to withhold his performance pay. 

The truth is, it has always been her and the other board members’ responsibility to study, deliberate, and question the recommendations of Administration. Theirs, not Dave Allison’s.   

Blake Sacha.  Still strugging to get in touch with his "leadership side." DON’T PUT A CHECKMARK BESIDE HIS NAME ON THE BALLOT.

 Mr. Sacha is the newest member of the board.  Many of his votes have been disappointing, as when he voted to adopt the Leftist Springboard curriculum.  Another egregious vote was to close Gilbert Jr. High School.  He has been veering toward the "Yes! Oh Yes!" side.  However, he joined Staci Burk on item 8.01 above.  There is the slightest glimmer of hope regarding Mr. Sacha.    Maybe he needs to listen to himself more. 

This is what the Public Should Expect of a Board Member.  The other Board members and top Administrators call this board member, who routinely requests items for future consideration, a "trouble maker."