Glen Frakes Endorses Daryl Colvin, Eric Johnson, and Julie Smith for School Board

by Glen Frakes, former Gilbert history teacher (retired 2009)

The three incumbent board members running for reelection–E.J. Anderson, Lily Tram, and Blake Sacha–vote as extensions of the administration, not as representatives of the public trust. Thus, the interests of "we the people" go unguarded by the very people whom we elect to protect us. Their lack of concern for the will of the people is not limited to monetary issues. When board member Staci Burk proposed a discussion on the possibility of resuming the tradition of opening board meetings with a prayer, she was voted down by E.J. Anderson, Lily Tram, and Blake Sacha. They are now officially opposed to prayer at school board meetings and are indifferent to those of us who think that we’re a long time overdue in seeking God’s guidance in our public deliberations.
Fortunately this year we have a choice. Three common sense, honest, Christian members of our community are running for school board to reaffirm local government "by the people." They are Julie Smith, Gilbert mother of 4;  Daryl Colvin, local businessman, father and grandfather; and Eric Johnson, who has considerable experience working for the State Legislature.

They are all constitutional conservatives committed to doing everything possible to advance educational opportunities for our children and their teachers. They will do everything in their power to end wasteful spending, financial negligence, misuse of school resources, and administrative abuse of the public trust.

Finally they are dedicated to providing the best public education possible according to the wishes and will of our community’s parents and citizens.